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February Family Newsletter

February Family Newsletter

I do not know where the month of January went, but February is here. This month we have the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day. This is a fun day to show our love to our family and friends. In preschool, this means we get to bring special gifts or valentines to our friends. The easiest way to do this in preschool is to have your child practice writing his/her name on the valentines, but do not worry about putting the specific friends names on them. We will no have class on the 14th due to Mrs. Krull having teacher's conference in Sturgeon Bay, but we will celebrate Valentine's Day on Wednesday, Feb. 13. This day will be a special schedule day as we will fill our day with activities associated with hearts. My Tuesday friends who do not come Wednesdays, will receive a Valentine's gift from me on Tuesday, Feb. 12. For the Wednesday families, there will be 16 kids present and 2 teachers for the party. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Bible Stories: The Farmer's Seeds, One Lost Coin, The Lost Son, The Lost Sheep
Music/Movement: Rain Forest Layers Song, Song for February Church Singing
Math: Numbers 1-7
Language Arts: Pp, Qq, Rr
Theme: Rain Forests

Special Events

Feb. 1 - C.L.I.C.K.
Feb. 10 - Sing in Church at 10:45am service
Feb. 14 & 15 - No School/Teacher's Conference
Feb. 27 - Heckrodt Roving Naturalist comes to school
March 1 - C.L.I.C.K.
March 11-15 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 18-22 - Spring Break

Snack Schedule:

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