Wee Love Learning Center exists to share Jesus' love with the children and families of our community.


Wee Love Learning Center is open to both 3 and 4-year-olds.

We take the children at the level they are at and build on their social, emotional, academic, and physical skill levels all while keeping Jesus and His Word at the core of our instruction. 

Our Wee Love Learning Center curriculum includes a variety of educational opportunities aimed at the overall development of a child. We do a combination of play and academic based learning.We take into consideration the Wisconsin Model of Early Learning Standards as well as a focus on the spiritual development of the students in our program. Weekly lesson plans are developed and implemented by the teacher under the direction of the director.

Typical Preschool Daily Schedule

7:45-8:00 Arrival/Table Activities

8:00-8:30 Bible Time

8:30-8:45 Music and Movement

8:45-9:15 Calendar/Math Time

9:15-9:30 Bathroom/Snack Break

9:30-10:00 Center Time

10:00-10:30 Language Arts/Story Time

10:30-11:00 Special (Art, Technology, etc.)

11:00-11:25 Recess  Weather permitting, students will have the opportunity to play outdoors daily.

11:25-11:30 Clean-up

11:30 Preschool Goodbye

Diversity Training

Wee Love Learning Center will include cultural and ability diversity training in its curriculum. Children will be provided with toys, activities, and an environment in which they develop and understanding and respect for different cultures and abilities. Teachers will introduce and discuss with the children in a Christian manner how God has made each of us different and how he wants us to love and respect one another.

Bible Time Books

Wee Love Learning Center purchases a Bible story book for each child in our learning center program. These Bible books are provided to the children and families as a tool to read and grow together in God’s Word. Each week the children will focus on a Bible story while at the learning center. At home, the goal is to review the story and use the special Parent Connection section to promote interaction between all members of the family. There is also a song, prayer, and picture to go with every story to enhance the learning experience. We pray this book is a helpful tool for the whole family to engage, learn, and grow together.

Field Trips

The Wee Love students will have the opportunity to enrich their learning and understanding of our world through field trips. Parents will be notified of these special trips and activities through permission slips, calendars, newsletters, or special emails. 

Family Involvement Opportunities

Wee Love Learning Center invites all of our families to be involved in their child’s education as much as possible. As extensions of our school day, we offer opportunities for our children: to sing in church several times a year, three to four Family Night/Day events a year, and two Parent/Teacher Conferences a year. Although these events are not mandatory, we do encourage our families to take advantage of these opportunities as they enhance your child’s experience.

Preschool Nutrition

Wee Love Learning Center and Little Lambs After School Care do not provide snacks or meals for the children on a regular basis. We look to the parents for help and support on this. Please see our Snack Information Page for more details.

Interested in Enrolling your Child?

Please contact our director if you have any further questions about our program or to set-up a visit.

We do offer early enrollment if there are spots available. What this means is if you have a child who turns 3 after September 1st, we would allow them to enter our program on their third birthday if enrollment spots are still available for the school year.

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