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Snack Schedule

Wee Love Learning Center does not serve meals but does serve one snack during the 8-11:30am session. 

This year snacks will be bought by our Preschool Director to help with eliminating possible cross contamination and to provide more fresh fruits and vegetables as part of our quality improvement plan. Since this is new, we are asking each family to give $100 for the year, to help with purchasing the snacks. If your child would like to bring a birthday treat, please check with our Preschool Director first.

Preschool staff will distribute any snacks after washing hands with soap and water.

Parents should request in writing if certain kinds of food should not be provided due to allergy or other reason. The teacher will keep track of what snack is served each day. This list will be available to view near the snack cupboard. All open snacks will be stored in sealed containers or zip lock baggies in the snack cupboard. Snacks will be healthy and consist of a minimum of 2 food groups.

Some examples of great snacks could be:

  • granola bars, applesauce, and apple juice
  • cheese, grapes, crackers, and water
  • yogurt, popcorn, and milk

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