Back-to-School Plan

This is a very fluid time due to COVID. Plans are great to have but can change without much warning due to the virus and its effects on our community. Wee Love will do our best to relay the changes needed if and/or when they come.

Below is how we see our program operating until further notice. We do ask that any family who has been in contact with someone that has tested positive, respect the other families, by staying away the 14 days or what has been advised by the medical field as to not put more people at risk. We also ask that our families monitor their children for symptoms daily. Thanks for your help in stopping the spread of COVID and other illnesses and keeping others safe as well!

1. Children will enter the building one at a time unless a family has more than one child enrolled. We will mark an area for the children to wait with parents to enter the building. Please practice social distancing while waiting to enter the building.

2. Temperature checks will be done by Mrs. Krull at school and parents will be asked questions relating to COVID upon arrival.

3. Children will enter the building with Mrs. Krull and then head to wash their hands. If parents need to share something with Mrs. Krull, this would be the time or feel free to text her at 920- 858-3933 to get her a message.

4. Snacks will be bought by Mrs. Krull to help with eliminating possible cross contamination. Since this is new, due to COVID, we are asking each family to give $100 for the year, to help with purchasing the snacks they would have previously been donating. Thanks for your understanding on this change. We will be providing more fresh fruits and vegetables this year as part of our quality improvement plan.

5. Pick-up: Children staying for aftercare will move to the aftercare room with the teacher and all wash hands before starting their afternoon routine. Children that are heading home will be brought out to the parents one at a time. We realize this may take a little longer, but felt it is better to not have multiple people congregating in the halls. It is important that the children learn to stay with an adult in the parking lot and not run towards the vehicles. Thanks for helping watch out for our little ones. Aftercare pick-up will be a little different. Parents will call into the aftercare teacher and she will bring your child to you at the Wee Love entrance doors. More specifics for this procedure will be given to the aftercare parents at a later date.

6. If we have a COVID case or a spike in the community causes us to shut down, we will follow the mandates given to us from the local officials. If possible, we will try to do some sort of online learning while shut down. This does not mean that from 8:00-11:30 your child will need to be by a computer, but that you will receive instructions on what concepts are being taught and ways to teach it as well as possible online stories, songs, and crafts.

7. Our Wee Love classroom, aftercare room, bathrooms, and hallway will be professionally cleaned before each class meets daily.

Mrs. Kara Krull

Preschool Director

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