Wee Love Learning Center staff wants you to know how very pleased and excited we are to have you and your family involved with our preschool. We hope that all the information presented has answered any questions you may have had regarding the operation of the preschool, and encourage you to discuss any further questions you may have with our staff.

Wee Love Learning Center will attempt to make every reasonable accommodation for you and your family. We hope to be able to fill the spiritual and educational needs of your child, with God’s help.

We strive to provide for these needs with quality staff, facilities, and curriculum. We trust that it is the eternal love of God, as evidenced in the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ, and as revealed to us in God’s Word, that is of utmost importance in our preschool and family ministries.

Important Information

Kelly S.
Wee Love has given our children an advantage. This is our family’s third year and our second child enrolled. We feel the small class size and the sense of community that the teachers, pastors, and families bring to us has had a huge impact academically and socially. Our Wee Love alumni child has gone on to first grade reading and math levels in Kindergarten. We attribute this to the learning practices that Mrs. Krull and staff have blessed our children with.
Camey W.
Wee Love is Amazing! My daughter has been at Wee love for 2 years now, and the amount of growth I have seen in her is truly remarkable. From what she knew on the first day, to where she is now is 100% accredited to the teachers. Mrs. Krull and Miss Jeske are beyond special. They take their time with each individual child and really make sure they are comfortable and cared for in their surroundings. Maizie LOVES to go to school, which is what any parent wants to hear.
Jenny M.
When we enrolled our little one, we called around to several area schools looking for a 3K program. While other schools were hesitant, expressing that he may not be ready for 3K, the staff at Wee Love responded to our inquiry with enthusiasm. They worked with my child guiding him, and us as parents, adapt to his new schedule. Throughout the year, I was amazed at the progress our child made, both in learning preschool basics and in his interactions with other children. It's wonderful to see him starting a Christian education. We enrolled him again at Wee Love for 4K, and are confident that they have prepared him well for kindergarten next year.

Now Enrolling for 2021-2022 School Year

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