Lesson Plan for May

The rest of this month we'll learn about:
Bible Story -
     Thomas Believes  (Chapel by Mr. Dave
     Jesus Returns to Heaven (Chapel by Mr. Dave 
     God Takes Care of the Birds
     Jesus Is Our Rock
Math - Review
Language Arts: Review
Theme: Zoo
Cross Connections: I have listed the stories for the rest of the school year up at top. I will send chapel services when they are available. Please use your Cross Connections to tell the story and review it with your child throughout the week. I have also attached a copy of the picture and stories to this email in case you need it.

Math: We are now in the review part of the school year. This is where Happy Numbers can become very handy and still allow your child to continue to grow as well. This program is available for you to use free until 6/30/20. Hopefully, you will find this tool helpful and your children will enjoy their time on the program. I can see where the children are academically on my end of Happy Numbers and how much time has been spent. So far, I have enjoyed this as I have felt more connected since I do not get to see their day to day learning in person now. Otherwise you can review colors, shapes, numbers 0-10 (you can go higher if your child is ready), sorting, comparing, positional words (on, off, in, out, in front of, behind, next to, between, above/over, on top of), patterns: AB and ABC(you can add ABB patterns if your child is ready too).
Language Arts: It is also review time for Language Arts. This is a step process and all of the children are at different levels. First, we are looking for them to recognize both capital and lowercase letters A-Z. If they have this mastered, we are looking for their knowledge on letter sounds. If they have both the letters and most or all of the sounds you can start introducing sight words. When they some of these learned, you can work with them on writing basic sentences working on beginning capitalization, spacing between words, and end punctuation. They can also draw a picture to go with their sentence. This is where the Lalilo program can lend a hand. If you find it too hard after the initial placement test, which will be challenging at times, then go back to the basics and do not push it. I know there are other free apps out their that can be used in place of Lalilo, but this is set up for schools so teachers can see the progress as the children work through the program just like Happy Numbers. Don’t forget you can use the alphabet packet sheets you haven’t used yet to review as well!

Theme: We will finish our year with a ZOO theme. There are several zoos which have added cameras to their exhibits so you can “visit” the animals while being safe at home. I would highly encourage checking some of these out. I am looking forward to doing this as well. Look at these as virtual field trips! We will also use our theme time to do some fun crafts.

Animal Strike at the Zoo. It’s True! by Karma Wilson
God's Blessings,
Mrs. Kara Krull
Director & Teacher

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